Serious ocular injuries that require urgent surgical repair are difficult to diagnose. The OcuCheck can help.


Anterior corneal traumas with full-thickness ruptures are serious ocular injuries that require urgent surgical repair within 6 hours to maintain vision. However, these conditions present to non-ophthalmologist who have extreme difficulty in diagnosing the level of trauma due to a lack of tools and training. On call ophthalmologists are decreasing in number and transfer of patients to level-1 trauma hospitals in order to access on eye doctor is costly and time consuming and, therefore, presents a burden to the health care system.

The OcuCheck can help this problem because it is a portable tool that provides objective assessment of the corneal integrity and can be used by non-ophthalmologist so that the patients have an accurate diagnosis on the first evaluation and not only after referral. For patients with true injuries the OcuCheck will ensure their diagnosis is not missed and that they are expeditiously transferred to the correct hospital after the first encounter.

The OcuCheck’s advantages are that it is portable and can be performed on patients who cannot be positioned at a slit lamp, who are confined to a stretcher, unconscious or uncooperative. There is minimal training required to use it so that even medical technicians can obtain an accurate answer. The results are immediate and accurate.